Publications – Cyber Kill Chain Commentary for Swiss Criminal Law

LAYER 8’s Cyber Kill Chain Com­men­tary is a unique tool for legal and foren­sic prac­ti­tion­ers in cyber­space. The com­men­tary ana­lyzes the entire Cyber Kill Chain with regard to Swiss crim­i­nal law and offers direct access with­in the MITRE Att&ck matrix with just a few clicks. For each stage, you will find sound and prac­ti­cal advice on the rel­e­vant facts and foren­sic procedure.

The cyber kill chain was exam­ined in rela­tion to the cen­tral norms of the Swiss Crim­i­nal Code (SCC) that occur in cyber­crime: Art. 143bis SCC (Hack­ing), Art. 143 SCC (Unau­tho­rised obtain­ing of data), Art. 144bis SCC (Dam­age to data), Art. 147 SCC (Com­put­er fraud ), Art. 150 SCC (Obtain­ing a ser­vice with­out pay­ment), Art. 150bis SCC (Pro­duc­tion and mar­ket­ing of equip­ment for the unau­tho­rised decod­ing of encod­ed ser­vices), and Art. 179novies SCC (Obtain­ing per­son­al data with­out autho­ri­sa­tion), among many others.

pub­lic beta – Information platform for protection against fraudsters on the Internet (German)

On LAYER 8 pub­lish­es advice and tips to put an end to Inter­net fraud­sters. Select­ed fraud cas­es are processed by LAYER 8 and pub­lished anony­mous­ly. New tips gen­er­at­ed by these cas­es are for­ward­ed to the rel­e­vant authorities. 

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